High quality
bioprocess solutions
for single use
systems to support

Ecomass life science supports customized biopharmaceuticals


We offer custom and standardized disposable bags (2D and 3D), component parts and pharmaceutical packaging materials.

Single use systems

We offer bioprocess solutions for sampling, storage, mixing and packaging in capacities ranging from 100ml to 20L. Also, we can customize based on customers requirement.

ISO Class 7 Cleanroom

All our products comply with international quality standards and are manufactured in ISO class 7 cleanroom under expert supervision.

Carbon reduction and net zero manufacturing

Ecomass has been making efforts to create a sustainable society by being a part of the process of replacing fossil based plastic with bioplastic.

We have led the establishment and announcement of national environmental standards for bioplastics derived from sugarcane to respond to climate change and reduce ecological toxicity.

The market of bioplastics is increasing as a manifestation of a growing consumer environmental conscience. A smaller carbon footprint and reduced fossil based resource depletion are the advantages of the production of bioplastics.

Ecomass has developed production technologies with carbon reducing material since 2008 which reduces carbon emission by 70% compared to conventional raw materials.

Recycling of plastics used for single use systems in biopharmaceuticals is not possible, since it is coming under the category of medical waste. So, reduction of carbon emission is limited to raw material collection and manufacturing processes for single use systems. Biomass, a raw material of bioplastic, is produced by photosynthesis that consumes CO2 from the atmosphere.

Therefore, substituting fossil-based plastics with bioplastics in single use systems significantly reduces the carbon footprint for the entire life cycle (from raw material production to disposal). So, bioplastic can be the best ecologically sustainable alternative to fossil-based plastic for making single use systems.

Ecomass initiated a carbon offsetting project in 2022, that involves afforestation and reforestation efforts. Net-zero manufacturing is our goal for a sustainable development.

We achieved it by using solar power, Energy saving machine, biomass as a raw material and carbon offsetting.

Quality control system

Ecomass Lifescience, as a part of its quality control, ensures that our products delivered to biopharmaceuticals meet desired international quality standards.

Our integrated management system is ISO 13485 (medical devices quality), and ISO 14001 (environmental) certified ensuring each of our products is manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards.

Quality Assurance Personnel deployed at different units to ensure that the final product that reaches the customer is free from any defect.

Ecomass Lifescience set strict guidelines based on consultations with customers, which enable us to provide products as per their exact requirements.